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Holiday rental deals in Haifeng

We have selected the best vacation rentals in Haifeng. Save money with Bluepillow by comparing the best deals from major travel websites in Haifeng

  • Haifeng Mingyuan Boutique Apartment

    • Hotel
    9 Exceptional (40)
    The Haifeng Mingyuan Boutique Apartment is one of the newest hotels in Haifeng, having opened in 2020. ...
  • Vermeer-themed apartment in Haifeng County

    • Hotel
    8.8 Fabulous (46)
    Opened in 2020, the Vermeer-themed apartment in Haifeng County offers travelers a pleasant stay in Haifeng, whether for business or leisure purposes. ...
  • Haifeng Youshang Boutique Apartment

    • Hotel
    9 Exceptional (44)
    The Haifeng Youshang Boutique Apartment was recently opened in 2021, making it a fantastic choice for those staying in Haifeng. ...

Farmhouse or Hotel? Choose from the best offers

Choose the accommodation tailor-made for you for your next vacation: sleep in a farmhouse or sleep in a hotel?

  • Farmstays in Haifeng
    Farmstays in Haifeng
  • Hotels in Haifeng
    Hotels in Haifeng

Haifeng and the best offers per the best accommodation

Haifeng is a touristic destination where the accommodation has an average cost of 22 euros per night.

Haifeng: What's the weather like?

Haifeng: are you wondering about the weather you might find during your holiday? Befor organizing a holiday we always think about the wheather we might find when we get there. In Haifeng the average yearly temperature is 22°C. During the hottest month, which in this case is July, the temperature can get up to 28°C.
Instead the coldest month is January, reaching a minimum temperature of 15°C.